About me

In addition to a solid academic background in business administration and innovation, I have acquired experience with a wide range of technologies and their successful implementation in businesses over the years.

Technology is just a tool.
I can help you make most out of it
Do you need an online presence? Do you want to innovate and digitalise your activities? Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to leverage modern technologies to empower your business.


English, German, Swiss-German, French
Language Proficiency

Master Candidate in Business Innovation
University of St. Gallen

Bachelor in Business Administration
University of St. Gallen


Information Technology

Back-end development

I create custom application logic that fits the needs of your business while taking advantage of technologies adapted to your needs.

Front-end development

I build interactive and fully responsive designs. More than fifty percent of users access the internet with a mobile device. There is no excuse for a website not to adapt to their visitors.

Data modelling

Squishing business data into a database model isn't an easy task. But it's much easier when you understand both the business logic as well as the structure and possibilities offered by database software.

Data analysis

Businesses tend to collect lots of data but often don't know how to analyse it. I can extract the knowledge out of the information you gathered.

API Development

Making data available programatically as well as consuming data from APIs can yield huge benefits. I am experienced with both practices and multiple conventions such as CRUD, REST and SOAP.

Data & Web Mining

The Internet is the largest source of data ever created and I can help you collect the information you need from it.


Business engineering

Times change and so should your business. I can help you develop and implement new business models, processes and technologies to keep your enterprise evolve with a changing world.

Digital transformation

New technologies can have a big impact on your business' performance. I can assist you in moving away from older infrastructure and leverage the advantages of the cloud.

Information management

Information is the 21 century's most valuable resource. Let's make sure that information travels correctly through your business.

Business Intelligence

There exists many strategies and technologies for analysing business data. I can help you understand what your data is telling about your business.

Business & IT integration

The misalignment of IT with an organisation is often associated with security risks and increased costs. I can leverage the advantages of IT by fitting it to your business.

Architecture management

Have you lost the overview of all the IT in your organisation? I know the tools which can rationalise and bring coherence in a cluttered technonological environment.


Three recent projects where I assisted my clients solve the challenges they were facing with the help of intrinsic business knowledge and modern technologies.

Batzo.ch Preview


Batzo is a price comparison website helping customers find the best offers while contributing to environmental preservation.

The collaboration between businesses from all over Europe enabled the inception of Batzo. Innovative business models were considered in order to combine information gratuity, consumer privacy and online shopping while addressing environmental issues.


  • Marketing strategy
  • International business collaboration
  • Data mining and data management at scale

Elasticsearch and MySQL are used to handle the continuous ingestion, aggregation and indexing of millions of data points. Information provided to visitors is enriched with data from public APIs, statistical inference and a custom web crawler.

Notable Technologies

  • Elasticsearch
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • Redis
  • APIs
  • Data Feeds


Stefan Durrer is a painter living in Zürich and Padua and who's works of art can be seen in galleries across Switzerland.


  • Discoverability
  • Online Presence

The design reflects a minimalistic ideal while putting forward the artist's creations. The overview of the exhibitions as well as a succinct biography improves the artist's discoverability.

Notable Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS / SASS


Das-Bett.ch is a Swiss importer of Spanish beds, mattresses and accessories.

An interactive bed configurator enables potential customers to get a visual preview of the many combinations offered by the bed manufacturer and request additional informations from the vendor.


  • Customer acquisition
  • Product education
  • Business model & pricing strategy

This single page application is designed with Bootstrap which allowed to quickly prototype and deliver the project under strong constraints. The thousands of images powering the configurator were created with Photoshop.

Notable Technologies

  • Laravel
  • VueJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Photoshop

Tech Stack

An overview of the technologies I am experienced with.

  • PHP

    Implementing complex application logic following Object Oriented Design.

  • Laravel

    Building Web Applications backends while keeping an overseeable structure with the MVC pattern.

  • MySQL

    Ingesting and keeping large amounts of transactional data available and secure.

  • ElasticSearch

    Making millions of documents available for full-text search while gaining insights on existing data with advanced aggregations.

  • HTML5

    Structuring information to make it readable by browsers while keeping it accessible to other technologies such as screen-readers and crawlers.

  • CSS3

    Enhancing a website's design to make it appealing to the eye and make content stand out.

  • SASS

    Producing quality CSS with a clearer structure and higher extensibility.

  • Stripe

    Implementing any business model from single customer charges and subscriptions to complex multi-party platforms.

  • Redis

    Boosting performance with caching or more complex applications such as trend tracking, queueing and locking.

  • VueJs

    Adding interactive features to an existing website or building full-blown single page applications.

  • JavaScript

    Loading asynchronous content and including interactive elements to help users achieve more complex tasks.

  • SEO

    Enhancing websites' content so search engines understand it better and display it nicely in the search results.

  • Bootstrap

    Prototyping, building and customisation of website design with pre-built components.

  • WebSockets

    Making websites alive by instantly notifying user of updates while they are online.

  • Nginx

    Configuring one of the most widespread web servers to deliver content to visitors in a snap.

  • MongoDB

    Analysing large scale datasets with its powerful aggregation pipeline.

  • Neo4j

    Analysing highly interconnected datasets with a powerful graph database.

  • Git

    Keeping track of what happened during development and pipelining deployments.

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